Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hmmmm, a month between postings is not at all acceptable.  There's not been much to share though. I'm sewing up a storm trying to finish a couple things for my trip to Belgium.  Bought some nice, soft wonderful Ugg's and contemplated the existence and fate of the world.
Yep, existence and fate....that's a lot for most people to comprehend but for me it's just another day in the life of.....ME!

I bought this pattern called the Avocado Hoodie from Seamster to make and wear on the airplane.  I love the front pockets.  Airplanes are always cold so I plan on wearing warm comfy pants, this sweatshirt and my Uggs.  Hopefully I will be comfortable enough to sleep a little as my flight is an overnight flight.

When I finish the hoodie I'm going to post a photo.
That's all for the moment, philosophy and planning.  Those are my two main goals right now.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Can you help me out????

For those able and interested I'm doing a fundraiser for the kiddos at The Ronald McDonald house in the cities.  For $20 you can donate a medium thermal tote or $24, a cinch sack (can add more supplies) and I will use my commission to fill it with things that bring crayons, snacks, crossword puzzles, etc.  I take CC, paypal, cash, check.  You can contact me at  I know these will be so nice for our dear families and little ones with sick siblings so I will appreciate any help I can get.  I'll also be going down to serve dinner on December 15th and deliver the bags.

The fundraiser lasts until the end of September so let me know if you'd like to help!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I found this really awesome list of what school supplies can do for us old folks too.

It comes from Melly Sews who also has other wonderful tutorials and some patterns for sale too!

Check out the photos and uses here or Pin it for later here

The gist of it is we can never have enough mechanical pencils right?  Great for using with the compass to draw seam allowances.  The compass is also great for drawing circles.  

The protractor too.  Also great for drawing curves.

Binder clips, I have found, are easier to use than the clover clips.  I always use binder clips so stock up!

Glue sticks work for putting together PDF patterns. 

Posterboard works well for blog photo backdrops and erasers can be used as is or to turn in to a stamp!  Absolute genius!

Hole punch and binder rings work for hanging patterns or for clipping together fabric samples to take to the fabric store with you.  

So I've got my list in hand to visit Target the next time I have enough courage and little anxiety.  I hope it's not all gone by now!

Today I'm going to work on my cards for my Stampin Up! stamp meeting on Monday.  I always get so excited for these meetings as they are a FANTASTIC group of gals with so much creative energy that I just don't feel worthy!  I'll post a photo when I'm done.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hi All!!!
     Taking a small break today but I wanted to share one thing.  I sell a little fabric on Etsy to help supplement my small income.  Take a look at my shop, Mossalyn, and maybe you'll find something you like or maybe you can pass it on to someone you know would like it.  I specialize in the very rare Heather Ross fabrics so most of my money is made from those listings.  However, I have other popular scrap packs, charm packs, etc.  Tomorrow, if not later today, I plan to be back with another sewing project, if not a stampin' one!
Have a great day!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Those I shall be visiting in Belgium......
So my brother is in the Army and has been stationed in Belgium for a year now with his wife, Andrea.  I've missed them dearly and decided that now is as good a time as any to venture in to the world of international traveler.  So I got my passport and the very same day I booked my flight.  The prices had been steady so I was confident I was getting the best price.  Hooray!  Amazingly it only cost around $1000.  Most international places you pay triple that so I felt pretty lucky AND I get to fly out of St. Cloud which eliminates the hassle of either getting a ride to the airport in Minneapolis or parking my car for an outrageous price for a week and a half.  Plus, it was MORE expensive to fly from Minneapolis so I feel pretty lucky and thankful.

I only have one layover both ways and that's at Chicago O'hare which scares me, but not as much as a layover in Munich, Germany does!  So I chose to spend some time in Chicago.  That airport is the largest I've ever been in and I've visited a few in my day.  In fact, last time I had a layover in Chicago we nearly missed our connecting flight.  They were ready to close the doors when we got there and we RAN to get there.  Not that it would have been the end of the world though.

  The beauties I get to visit!  My brother (and my sister) are my best friends and my number 1 supporters in all that I've had to endure over the past three years.  I am very lucky and thankful to have them in my life.  When I have a photo of my sissy I'll post that too.  She and my brother couldn't be more different but I love every part of their differences.  We are all very different but we make it work.

  My brother and I have a very similar sense of humor  (and it's odd:-) and it has served me well over the years.  He knows how to make me laugh and I refer back to those video's or thoughts to keep me going sometimes.  I appreciate him very much and am so excited to see him.  I promise I'll be bawling.

  I've never gotten the chance to really know my SIL but I hope we are able to bond a bit on my trip and that I don't end up saying a lot of really stupid, inappropriate social things that ADHDers so often do.  I hope she can understand my struggles a little more and find a bit of compassion for my awkwardness and introversion.  While we don't have many of the same hobbies I hope we can come to something besides my brother that binds us together as "sisters".

So that's a little more about my family and my future adventures.  While in Belgium I'll be visiting Paris and Amsterdam, if you have any suggestions for things to visit, either there or along the way,  I'm all ears!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

As I mentioned yesterday I've gotten in to this patchwork phase.  It takes more time but is so fun and I really love the way it looks.  I've just gotten two beautiful fat quarter packs of fabric off Etsy that I plan to use one to make a quilt with.  But one has to start small and there's a lot of prep and learning to do before a real quilt is made.  I certainly don't want to waste a $100 of fabric because of a silly mistake!
So my first project is from the book I Love Patchwork by Rashida Coleman-Hale. I it picked up at a yard sale from my favorite gal in the whole wide world.  Nikol from Sewtropolis, it used to be an independent fabric shop in Minneapolis that recently closed but anyway, she had a garage sale and you KNOW I was the first one there!
Check out her blog and drool over her camper "Athena".  I know I do.
So I got the book half off and since I'd been wanting it I splurged and bought it.  Honestly, I splurged a lot that day.  I must be more careful with my money now that Belgium is booked.

The project that I tried is a table runner that has simple patchwork using cotton fabric and linen, a project properly termed "Zakka" since it uses a lot of linen.  I kinda wished I'd switched up the fabrics and put the red in the middle but pish posh, it still looks nice.
This is what the top looks like, I still need to add batting, quilt, and bind it.  Pretty much all things I've never done but thanks to the wonder of Amazon I was able to purchase supplies for a good price.  Woot Woot!  Do you think Amazon is the Walmart of the inter web world?  I sure hope not, that would be embarrassing since I REFUSE to go to Walmart.  Random thought for the day.

These two examples are things that drive me batty and things only the person sewing would notice.  Do you see how the points are not exactly points where the cotton meets the linen?  I trimmed this piece before attaching the two outside parts and it did this!  I'm so sad but I know I'm the only one that will notice and I'm going to continue the project as I don't think it destroys it.  It's just a little snafu!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

As I've mentioned before I love to sew and one of my most recent projects is this cutesy cutesy bag from Atkinson Designs.
  It's made from a jelly roll of Lou Lou Thi by Anna Maria Horner and I added a little crochet flower to it.  I think I love patchwork.  This was such an easy, quick, satisfying and fun project which turned out beautifully.

 This is the back.  I love the prints but can't wait to make it in other prints.  Problem many do I really need of these bags!  I love giving gifts though so I can always give some away.  One of them will be perfect for carrying small fragile gifts/souvenirs from Belgium to home.

 A pic of the pattern which I don't think does what the finished project can look like justice.  The real deal is so much prettier.  In fact I took some inspiration from a store model from my favorite shop Country fabric and quilts in Brainerd, MN

  I sure hope it's OK to take photos of the beauties I see in that shop as there are MANY!  The really know how to work that machine and match fabrics beautifully.  The fabric line pictured here is one of my favorite of all time, Parisville by Tula Pink with a little Anna Maria Horner mixed in.  I could just faint with love.
So that's part of what I've been sewing up, check in tomorrow for another project I've been working on!